Cell Biology & Bioimaging Core

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Rates listed are considered effective as of 7/1/2015 and may change at any time.  Rates are broken down into two categories - LSU system (internal) and external user..

Rates listed below are for Unassisted/Assisted time.  Assisted time is time spent using core equipment with the aid of CBBC personnel or work done for you by CBBC staff.   External User is defined as any user from outside the Louisiana State University system.

Internal User
External User
Axioskop/Axiovert $10/20/hr $16/32/hr
3I Everest
Zeiss LSM 510
Leica SP5 wo/MP
Leica SP5 w/MP
Leica DM6000 Invert
Leica DM6000 TIRF $30/60/hr $48/96/hr
NanoZoomer BF
NanoZoomer FL
Flow Cytometry/Analytical
BD FACSCalibur $30/60/hr $48/96/hr
iCyt Reflection Sorter $80/hr $128.00/hr
MD FlexStation $20/hr $32.00/hr
Specimen Preparation/Histology
Tissue Processing + Embedding $4.00/sample $6.40/sample
Grossing $2.00/sample $2.00/sample
Paraffin Sectioning $3.00/slide $4.80/slide
Cryosectioning $3.00/slide $4.80/slide
Routine H&E $1.00/slide $1.60/slide
Trichrome Stain $6.00/slide $9.60/slide
Picrosirius Red $3.00/slide $4.80/slide
Luxol Fast Blue $6.00/slide $9.60/slide
PAS Stain $6.00/slide $9.60/slide
Oil Red O $3.00/slide $4.80/slide
Tech Time $40/hr $64/hr