Employment Opportunities

The laboratory has the below positions available for hire:

Postdoctoral Research Fellow:

The Pennington Biomedical Research Center, a research facility of the Louisiana State University System is seeking to fill a Postdoctoral Researcher position. This individual will work in the Reproductive Endocrinology and Women's Health Laboratory and will have responsibilities in several ongoing NIH-funded trials. This fellowship will provide training in clinical and translational research, clinical trial management, and critical thinking, manuscript writing and grant writing skills necessary for establishing an independent research career. Specific expertise will be developed in measurements of energy expenditure, energy intake, physical activity, insulin sensitivity as well as body composition in adult and pediatric populations including small children and infants. As a member of a multidisciplinary team, the fellow will also work on existing datasets from studies that imposed lifestyle, dietary and/or pharmacological interventions to understand how body weight, adiposity and insulin resistance impact physiological function across the lifespan. 


Applicants must possess a Doctoral degree in Nutrition, Kinesiology or a related discipline, show strong scientific credentials in the field of weight management, have at least 5 academic publications and possess excellent communication skills. Applicants must be available for a 2 to 3 year post doctoral position. 

To apply, visit http://lsusystemcareers.lsu.edu (position number #030700).



Undergraduate Student Worker:

The Reproductive Endocrinology and Women’s Health Laboratory is searching for an undergraduate student worker to work 10-20 hours/week at Woman’s Hospital. The laboratory is currently conducting a randomized controlled trial enrolling pregnant women with the goal of aiding participants in management of gestational weight gain.  This position is multifaceted and will involve setting up charts, taking inventory, conducting study visits, anthropometric assessments, reviewing laboratory results, reporting and assessing adverse events, and much more. Additionally, if the candidate is capable, this position may also include human placenta collection and dissection.  This would be an excellent opportunity for any student desiring clinical experience (i.e. strives to be a physician, pharmacist, physical therapist, etc.).  Applicants should be self-motivated and highly enthusiastic, with meticulous attention to detail.  A high level of communication and excellent time management skills are essential for success in this position. Ideal availability would be Tuesday afternoons, Wednesday mornings and Fridays (morning and/or afternoon) however if well qualified and interested please proceed with your application if you availability cannot accommodate all shifts above. To apply, please send email your resume and work availability to moms@pbrc.edu and follow the application instructions on Pennington Biomedical website for student workers (http://www.pbrc.edu/human-resources/careers/?PositionTypeID=5).

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