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Animal Metabolism & Behavior Core



OxyMax Policies

  • Billing
    • Use of the Oxymax is billed on a per day ($90) or per week basis ($300).
    • The minimum fee is for 3 days ($270) – set up day (1-2 hours), run day, breakdown day (1-2 hours).
    • A weekly run ($300) = set up day, 5 run days, breakdown day.
    • If you choose to run 4-6 days you will be charged the weekly rate ($300).
  • Scheduling
    • All scheduling must be done using the booked calendars.  You can find a link to the calendars on PINE.  Under the AMBC folder you will find a link to Scheduling.  This link will have a shortcut to the Metabolic Calendar as well as a manual on how to reserve using the booked calendar.  If you have not logged on to the calendar in the past please contact Jennifer Terrebonne for more information.
    • Reservations are first come first serve.
    • The AMBC advises you to run your experiment from Monday through Friday because the AMBC staff DOES NOT check the system on weekends, (or when on vacation, or on regular PBRC holidays).  During these times lab personnel will be running without AMBC staff support.  If there is a system malfunction occurs during these times it would not be caught until normal business hours resume.
  • Cancelation policies
    • An accepted reservation must be cancelled a minimum of 7 days before the scheduled start of the experiment.  If you fail to do so you will be charged the minimum fee ($270).
  • Responsibilities of the experimenter
    • Set up day **Must have AMBC staff present**
      • All lab personnel that will be hands-on with the equipment and animals during the experiment must be present at startup.  This will allow AMBC staff to properly train all lab personnel.
      • Lab personnel must provide mice, bodyweight, and animal ID number for all mice going into the system.
      • Lab personnel must login to the computer and select where the backup data file will be saved. 
      • Lab personnel are responsible for providing the powdered diet if using food intake on OxyMax2.  These food containers must be filled by lab personnel with training from AMBC staff.
    • During an experiment
      • Lab personnel must change brown paper cage liner every 3 days. If you are running more than 7 days the cages and water bottles must be washed every 7 days.
      • Lab personnel are responsible for making sure the mice have food and water daily.  Lab personal must refill food and water as needed.
      • Lab personnel are responsible for checking the metabolic readouts to ensure that the readouts are within your expected range.
    • Breakdown day
      • Laboratory personnel are responsible for cleaning the cage lids, cage bottoms, water bottles, and food hoppers on the day the animals are removed from the system.  This must be complete by 12 noon on breakdown day.
      • Lab personnel must remove all animals and return them to a home cage in accordance with CBC guidelines on the day they are scheduled to end their study.
      • Lab personnel are responsible for cleaning all OxyMax parts. A complete cleaning manual is available in the room.
      • Handle all Oxymax parts carefully.  If you notice or cause a crack in the cage bottom or lid please notify AMBC staff immediately.  Cracks will cause inaccuracies in measurements.
      • After cleaning all parts must be laid to dry on the shelves in the room.. 
      • If the user fails to do follow the cleaning policies and timeline stated above, your lab will be charged a $150 for completing the cleaning responsibilities.
      • Lab personnel are responsible for extracting their data by using the Oxymax software. You can access your data files using the shared drive.  If you are unable to access the files from your shared drive contact AMBC staff and someone will email you the files from the C drive.
      • Lab personnel can download the current software version (v4.93) by following this link
  • Routine Quality Control/Maintenance/Duties performed by Metabolic Core staff
    • Proper training of lab personnel at the start of each experiment.
    • Calibration of gas sensors at start of experiment and every 7 days if experiment is longer than 7 days.
    • Drierite will be changed as needed and will be monitored by AMBC staff.
    • Ammonia traps are changed as needed and will be monitored by AMBC staff.
    • System hardware and data readouts are checked daily (not on weekends, PBRC holidays, or vacation) and recorded on the log sheet started for each experiment.
    • Annually the system will have a PM visit from Columbus Instruments.
    • Bi-annually AMBC staff will check the recirculation pump and activity frames to ensure they are working properly.
    • Annually the OxyMax2 scales will be calibrated by Allometrics.