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Animal Metabolism &
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Animal Metabolism & Behavior Core


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Body Composition

  • TSE Systems PhenoMaster/LabMaster

                 24 simultaneously measured home cages of different standard configurations

          run by the same software.

TSE Systems PhenoMaster/Labmaster system includes:

  • Indirect calorimetry
  • Activity
  • Drinking and feeding
  • Food access for paired or yoked feeding
  • Configurations for both mice and rats

all inside an environmental chamber.

Metabolic performance measured via indirect calorimetry O2 consumption & CO2 production, Respiratory Exchange Rate (RER), Energy Expenditure (EE).  With a high-speed gas sensoring unit for short sample intervals 40 sec per calorimetry cage / animal.



For more information about TSE indirect calorimetry visit: TSE Systems Calorimetry or High Speed Sensoring Units.


Spontaneous home cage activity is measured via sensor fames.  The paramaters measured include total activity, ambulatory and fine movements, as well as rearing.

For more information on ActiMot2 Light-Beam Frames visit: ActiMot2 Frames


Drinking and feeding behavior is measured with weighing sensors - continuous long-term monitoring of food or liquid consumption by amount and time. The PhenoMaster / LabMaster software also supports the design of paired / yoked feeding experiments by controlling multiple cages simultaneously.


For more information on drinking and feeding visit: Drinking & Feeding and Paired/Yoked Feeding


  • Columbus Instruments CLAMS systems

         An open-circuit indirect calorimeter that can measure up to 16 animals 

           consecutively in a temperature controlled chamber.  Mice only

Columbus Instruments’ Comprehensive Lab Animal Monitoring System (CLAMS) includes:

  • Open circuit calorimetry
  • Activity
  • Feeding

All inside an environmental chamber.


Oxymax is an “open-circuit indirect calorimeter”. It infers heat production based on observations of oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production. Knowledge of the foodstuff (fuel) being combusted and the rate of gas exchange required to support the combustion process allows the calculation of heat (Calories or Joules).

To learn more about the open circuit calorimetry visit: CLAMS/OxyMax

Oxymax/CLAMS monitors the cumulative amount of food eaten, as well as the amount eaten in each bout. Feeders are designed to account for spillage of food and to prevent foraging. Food must be in powder form and cannot be pelleted.

The End Feeder Cage maintains the same sealed environment but adds an external feeder to the side of the cage to allow food intake measurements. The End Feeder provides more floor space for active subjects. Not suitable for obese animal models. Not compatible with Y-axis activity monitoring.

Oxymax/CLAMS may be configured with single, dual, or triple axis detection of animal motion using infrared (IR) beams. Interruption of an IR beam will accrue one “count”.


  • Columbus Instruments Enclosed Metabolic Treadmill

Columbus Instruments' Modular Treadmill encloses the animal within an isolated space which includes:

  • An exercise belt
  • Adjustable incline
  • Optional stimuli

All enclosed in an air-tight compartment. Air-tight versions incorporate fans for the circulation of air over the animal. The air-tight compartment allows for the connection of ventilation and gas monitoring equipment. Modular Treadmills are designed for integration with the Oxymax or the measurement of VO2, VCO2, RER, Heat, and other metabolic parameters. The addition of an open-flow calorimeter to the compartment will create a complete system for the measurement of respiratory metabolic performance while exercising. The incline of the animal compartment is adjustable in 5° increments. Electrical stimulus grids are available for the exercise lane and can be activated manually by the operator.

For more information on the Metabolic Treadmill visit: Metabolic Modular Treadmill